The CA issuer represents a Certificate Authority whereby its certificate and private key are stored inside the cluster as a Kubernetes Secret, and will be used to sign incoming certificate requests. This internal CA certificate can then be used to trust resulting signed certificates. This issuer type is typically used in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) setup to secure your infrastructure ...
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Feb 23, 2016 · Finally, we have managed to install our existing S/MIME certificate to our new Exchange Online office 365. We googled and found hundreds of procedures on how to configure S/MIME encryption certificates however 95% of editors just copy and paste from Microsoft blogs which can be annoying as they do not provide any good explanation. If you have your certificate in the PKCS#7 format (appropriate mostly for IIS/Microsoft Exchange), you already have your bundle included into your Keep in mind that Sectigo (former Comodo) CA currently has several versions of the "USERTrust RSA Certification Authority" SHA-2 root certificate.
Self-signed certificate : A self-signed certificate is signed by its own private key. BIG-IP software includes a self-signed SSL certificate named default , which the SSL profile can use to terminate SSL traffic. You can also use the Configuration utility pages to renew existing...
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