Mercedes W210 speedometer pixel repair KIT: Home; ... lies with the ribbon cable that connects the LCD display to the circuit board of the instrument cluster. The ...
Speaker wire for loudspeakers. Speaker wire sold by the foot (12 inches). Bulk speaker wire has unterminated ends.
Order PS2 DVD/CD Ribbon Cable 3 versions aviable (v3), (v4-V10) & (v12-V13) wholesale and retail. Full catalog electronic products. Delivery to Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, ZaragozaComprar tu PS2 DVD/CD Ribbon Cable 3 versions aviable (v3), (v4-V10) &amp Flat Ribbon Cable A flat ribbon cable, also known as multiplanar cables, are thin cable composed of multiple small-grade cables placed parallel to each other. With each core situated side by side, they form a wide flat cable resembling a piece of ribbon.
Jul 13, 2016 · it all depends how badly torn it is, if you forgot to unclip it correctly it most likely got cut in half and yes that cable is what is used to repair ribbon cables as it is pre-insulated so the wires can touch .. just needs attention at hte very connection point. 1. Shave the ribbon cable with a sharp blade to expose the copper. 2.
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