There will be more patience and perseverance now. What you do achieve now will come through your hard work and efforts. Your success and its timing also depends on other influences in your chart and the aspects made to your Ascendant, its ruler Mercury, co-ruler Saturn, and your Midheaven (career).
Feb 04, 2019 · The February New Moon peaks later today, just after 9pm GMT here in the UK. As the New Moon rises in the darkened skies, it’s presence might not be visible to the eye, but it will be felt in the ...
The Ascendant also plays a role in your physical appearance and characteristics. Your 1st house is the home of your Ascendant. Just as the ascendant represents a point in your astrology chart at the exact moment of your birth, you can think of the 1st house as the beginning – not just of the houses, but of you. Jun 27, 2015 · 1st House– Transformation of the way you perceive your personal demeanor, appearance and presentation to the outside world will have a powerful and lasting effect on you and the world around you. If you choose to step into the energies of this transit you have the capacity to lead others in support of the collective transformation.
A Brief History of Ancient Astrology explores the theory and practice of astrology from Babylon to Ancient Greece and Rome and its cultural and political impact on ancient societies.
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