fastavro¶. The current Python avro package is dog slow. On a test case of about 10K records, it takes about 14sec to iterate over all of them. In comparison the JAVA avro SDK does it in about 1.9sec. fastavro is an alternative implementation that is much faster.
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Join the PFA Community: Avro types. Inherited type system. Rather than invent a new type system, PFA uses the same one as the Avro serialization format. Avro describes data types using strings and JSON objects, so PFA simply includes Avro as a language subset.Logical ID. The logical ID must be alphanumeric (A-Za-z0-9) and unique within the template. Use the logical name to reference the resource in other parts of the template.
August 20, 2020. Apache Avro is a data serialization system. Avro provides: Rich data structures. A compact, fast, binary data format. A container file, to store persistent data. Remote procedure call (RPC). Simple integration with dynamic languages.
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