Chemical Name: Sodium aluminum phosphate. Synonyms. SALP;KASAL;SODIUMPHOSPHOALUMINATE;aluminumsodiumphosphate;SODIUMALUMINIUMPHOSPHATE;ALUMINIUMSODIUMPHOSPHATE;Sodium aluminum phosphate;ACIDSODIUMALUMINIUMPHOSPHATE;SODIUMALUMINIUMPOLYPHOSPHATE;Acid sodium aluminum phosphate. CBNumber: CB1265927. Molecular Formula: AlNa3O8P2.
Na2SO4 + AlPO4 = Na3PO4 + Al2 (SO4)3 - Chemical Equation Balancer.
Aluminium phosphate dihydrate (variscite and meta-variscite) has a structure that can be regarded as an assembly of tetra - and octahedral units of phosphate anions, aluminium cations and water. Al 3+ are 6-coordinate and PO 43- are 4-coordinate. A synthetic hydrated form, AlPO 4 ·1.5H 2 O is also known. Formulas for some chemical substances have special representations: Chemical substance description. Example. Combine the acid formula with the metal formula, separating each formula by a period. The carbon-containing formula comes first.
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